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Warmland Community Church is a group of people in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island with a vision of “helping people discover and live life to the full”. We believe that kind of life is found in Jesus.

We meet Sundays at 10am in Warmland Church at 1586 Joan Avenue in Crofton, BC. Warmland Church is affiliated with The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in BC and Yukon (Fellowship Pacific).

Interim Pastor: Scott Carruthers

Elders Board: Jack Ellis (Chair), Fred Smith, Mike VanBoven, Ed Eastman

Deacons Board: Deanna Tuplin (Chair), Dolores Home (Secretary), Wayne Wicks, Sarah Trommel, Claire Ellis, Tammy Carruthers, Fred Smith, Mary-ann Hegglund

Phone: (250) 246-2982

email: info@warmland.org

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