Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you – 6

12800377_680894378718870_5245373971800255211_nRachelle Vanboven – A great team can only exist with all its parts/people and Rachelle humble demeanour is one of those important parts. The way she shows a gentle love to our youngest children in kidsland has made her a hero in their eyes. Rachelle has been serving in our children’s ministry for as long as I have been here and every year. We are so blessed to have her serving on our children’s ministry team and loving our kids.






Steve Geiger – I may be a little biased, but getting to serve in a ministry that both yourself and your spouse are passionate about is amazing. The youth of Crofton have loved Steve for years and having him back in youth ministry has be such a huge blessing. Setting an example of Christ’s love, youth are drawn to him. The youth seek him out and value his opinion, you see the invested time returned with respect from the youth. I am beyond honoured to serve the youth of Crofton alongside my husband.



written by Alycia Geiger (youth & children ministry director)